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Only in love and war …


wow this looks so much better without kate

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omg so Derrick Rose and his girlfriend, Mieka Reese (Tim Hardaway’s niece), just had a baby boy named Derrick Rose, Jr. Derrick calls him, PJ.

:3 Hey PJ! Welcome to the world!

  • Fact: The human brain makes you see yourself as 5 times more beautiful than you really are.
  • Me: Well fuck
  • Actual Fact: It's actually, you see yourself 20% less beautiful than everybody else see's you.
  • Me: Thank fuck

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on average menstruation starts at age 12
and ends at 52
40 years of periods
480 periods
480 periods x average length of 5 days
that’s 2400 days of bleeding
6.58 years of blood 

That’s so metal.

think of all the people you could drown in nearly 7 years worth of blood

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4eva reblog


This should have a million notes… we can sit and reblog a bunch of weed post (that gets almost up to 60,000 notes) but we cant reblog something REAL like this.

people don’t want to see the mistakes their ancestors made

its creepy how in that first pic, they are posing as if they are proud to be there.

America has a sad and disturbing history.

Rarely, and I say that with it’s fullest and truest definition, does something come along on tumblr that truly and deeply moves and disturbs me…..

This picture always shocks me back to reality. Slavery wasn’t just something in books it was real. People really endured this life and what’s even scarier is that it wasn’t that long ago. Never forget.

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I absolutely <3 this gal …

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Abel never fails me …